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Tech Giants Microsoft, Salesforce, Nvidia Seek to Hire OpenAI Staff Amid Walkout Threats

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OpenAI is facing internal turmoil after the firing of CEO Sam Altman, leading to threats of a walkout from the majority of its reported 770 employees. Executives from Microsoft, including CTO Kevin Scott, Salesforce founder and CEO Marc Benioff, Meta's Fundamental AI Research team, and Nvidia have reportedly offered jobs and matched compensation for OpenAI employees considering leaving. The situation arises following OpenAI's successful ChatGPT product release, a surge in valuation to $86 billion, and Altman's unexpected removal. Around 700 employees have signed a letter signaling their intent to walk out if Altman is not reinstated. The potential impact and various scenarios, including a hostile takeover or negotiations for employee retention, are being considered. OpenAI's board and newly appointed CEO, Emmett Shear, are reportedly engaged in intense discussions with stakeholders and employees to navigate the crisis.