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Brazil Launches National Digital ID System Driven By Blockchain Technology

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Brazil and Buenos Aires are pioneering the use of blockchain technology in their respective national identity programs. In Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, Goiás, and Paraná are leading the way by issuing identification documents on a private blockchain platform developed by Serpro, the national data processing service. This move aims to enhance security, protect personal data, and prevent fraud. It also seeks to improve data exchange between government departments, particularly the Federal Revenue, and unify identity issuance across the country's nearly 30 states. Additionally, Brazil is working on a central bank digital currency called Drex, demonstrating a commitment to digital solutions for governance and finance.


In Buenos Aires, Argentina's capital, a project is underway to integrate administrative processes with blockchain technology. Starting from October, residents can access various identity documents, such as birth certificates, marriage records, and academic verifications, through a digital wallet. This initiative is supported by QuarkID, developed by Web3 firm Extrimian, and relies on the zkSync Era Ethereum scaling protocol, utilizing zero-knowledge rollups for added security. Guillermo Villanueva, CEO of Extrimian, highlighted the significance of this development for Latin American governance and its potential to set a benchmark for integrating blockchain technology for public welfare.