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The Graph operates as a decentralized indexing protocol facilitating efficient data querying across diverse blockchain networks, simplifying the development of decentralized applications (DApps). Employing an innovative indexing mechanism, it ensures optimized access to blockchain data while maintaining security and decentralization. Through its open-source framework, developers gain access to a user-friendly interface for interacting with blockchain data, primarily organized and delivered through subgraphs—open APIs collaboratively developed by developers and data consumers to swiftly access indexed data.


At the heart of The Graph ecosystem lies its native cryptocurrency, GRT. Serving as the primary means for covering query fees and incentivizing participants, including indexers, delegators, curators, and subgraph developers, GRT fosters a globally distributed network of contributors. This network ensures robust uptime and resilience for applications built on The Graph Network, contributing to its overall efficiency and sustainability.


Source From Medium's Blog

The Graph was launched in 2018 by Jannis Pohlmann, Yaniv Tal, and Brandon Ramirez, it has forged partnerships with prominent blockchain projects like Chainlink and Uniswap. Its overaching goal is to lay a robust foundation for the Web3 space, addressing a critical need for developers by facilitating rapid access to pertinent information stored on blockchain and DLT-base platforms.


The Graph’s Q4 2023 Participant Update


In Q4 2023, The Graph made significant updates to its protocol, expanding its network integration, releasing an Upgrade Indexer, and publishing a new R&D roadmap. These updates reflect The Graph's commitment to enhancing its infrastructure and services to meet the growing demands of Web3 data access and usage.


Download the PDF to read more about these critical updates and their implications for the future of decentralized data.


Roadmap of The Graph’s New Era

The unveiling of The Graph's New R&D Roadmap on November 7, 2023, marks a significant milestone in the evolution of decentralized data infrastructure, promising to serve all data needs of the Web3 ecosystem.


Source From The Graph Official's Blog


Click the link below to download the PDF and explore the detailed objectives of The Graph's new era.


Analyzing the Impact of OpenAI's Sora on The Graph Token (GRT)


Source From CoinDesk

The recent surge in The Graph token (GRT) activity, known as the "Sora effect" after OpenAI's Sora launch, significantly boosted its price by 55% over six days, reaching $0.26, with a further 21.3% increase in the last 24 hours. While The Graph's new era didn't directly affect GRT's price, the roadmap announcement, featuring AI-assisted querying and enhanced functionality, fueled positive sentiment and a steady price rise from $0.076 to $0.27 by February 23, 2024.


Factors such as increased Bitcoin and altcoin activity and whale involvement contributed to this surge, alongside heightened developer interest. However, there's no specific data provided on GRT's Total Value Locked (TVL), a key DeFi metric. To access accurate TVL data, users are advised to consult reliable DeFi TVL aggregators or reputable sources specializing in transparent TVL data across protocols.


To delve deeper into The Graph's recent developments and glean insights for informed decision-making, download the PDF file. In addition to comprehensive information about The Graph, the PDF includes a technical analysis conducted by our SmartBot's technical analyst.


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